Alexander Zelikov / TASS
Here, the few remains of an elegant estate are spread around a beautiful park, so the walk should be quite exciting. Once upon a time, here stood a large country house, owned by Nikolai Volkonsky, who fought at Austerlitz and was captured by Napoleon. In preparation for the war with the French, a huge hot air balloon was built on the estate territory for the purposes of bombing the enemy forces. The project never got off the ground, and the estate was burned out during the 1812 Fire of Moscow. Soon after the war, the estate was restored along with many Moscow buildings, but in Soviet times it was destroyed once again. Today, the only reminder of the main house is the elegant entrance gate with a guard tower supposedly designed by either Matvey Kazakov or Vasily Bazhenov. To the right of the gates, in one of the park corners is the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity, first mentioned in the documents in 1807. Further into the park one can find two restored buildings of the estate, which today house the park's management.