Alexander Zelikov / TASS
Remains of this little cozy estate are located near the Terletsky Park on the outskirts of Moscow. The lands here were by turns owned by the noblest of Russia's aristocratic families – Sheremetev, Golitsyn, and Stolypin. In the early 18th century, Princess Anastasia Golitsyna had built a small village church here, the Church of the Holy Image of the Saviour, which reminded her of another temple located at her father's estate. The church is still standing, and, unlike other estate buildings, is in good condition.

In the mid-19th century, the lands, along with remains of the manor and the church, were purchased by merchant Alexander Torletsky, a true European by nature and education, who was preoccupied with the refinement of Russian lands. Under Torletsky, a large oakery was planted here, and the ponds were cleared. The water in the five ponds became so clean and clear, that the owners of nearby estates flocked to Gireyevo for advice. In the center of all this abundance, Torletsky had built a modest house, but very little remains of it today. Nonetheless, the estate complex with its ponds and a park is a monument to the garden art of the 18th century, and is protected by the state.