This is the estate of the Vorontsov and Dashkin families, located on a hill above River Bykovka. Both the estate manor, designed in the 19th century by the Swiss architect Bernard de Simone after the manner of English estates, and the adjacent park with rotondas and the famous pseudo-Gothic church, supposedly built by Vasily Bazhenov, remind the visitors of some Northern European estate, not a suburban Moscow one.

Ivan Dashkin, who owned the estate in the second half of the 19th century, was a prominent land-owner, and Bykovo was not his permanent place of residence. In Soviet times, the building housed a kindergarten for the children of Red Army officers, and later a tuberculosis clinic. Today the mansion is closed and off limits to the visitors. Despite this, Bykovo, with its park and church, is one of the region's most popular estates.