Alexander Zelikov / TASS
This is the family estate of Count Sheremetev family, and first information about this place dates back to the late 16th century. With years, the territory of the estate grew, the Sheremetev family got wealthier, and by the mid-18th century they had built a grand Neoclassical palace, annexes for the guests, summer pavilions for fresh-air entertainment, and a regular park with marble statues and cascade of ponds.

Construction was overseen by Sheremetev's serf architects Fyodor Argunov and Alexey Mironov. Kuskovo is a rarity in Russia, as it remained in the same hands for 300 years, all the way to the revolution of 1917. The Soviet authorities also took care of the Sheremetevs' wealth. In 1919, while other estates were used for the opening of sanatoriums and labs, and their contents disappeared without a trace, a museum was opened in Kuskovo, and it continues to operate to this day.