This estate at Pakhra River was established in the 18th century by General Mikhail Krechetnikov. Krechetnikov was childless, and after his death, the estate with the two-storey house with an attic and a park was given to Maria Bakhmetyeva, a favourite of Count Alexey Orlov-Chesmensky.

After Bakhmetyeva, the house was occupied by her nephew Sergei Sheremetev. In the mid-19th century, he had erected new buildings to house the family library and picture gallery.

In 1918, the Sheremetev family had abandoned the estate, and Mikhailovskoye was nationalized. It first housed the museum of the nobleman way of life, then a sanatorium for the members of the Society of Former Political Convicts, and later still, the sanatorium of the Soviet Ministry of Coal Production. Today the estate is in the state of decay, and only picturesque ruins remain of the house.