Alexander Zelikov / TASS
Once upon a time, this was the suburban Moscow estate of the noble Panin family. One of the estate's earliest owners, Count Nikita Panin, began the construction of imitation Gothic mansion, but left for the Smolensk Province without completing it.

In the early 19th century, the house passed into the hands of industrialist Dmitry Grachev, who had refashioned the estate into a factory. The factory produced woolen cloth and cotton chintz, the estate grew, and a man by the name of Vasily Iokish was hired to manage it. Years later, he bought the estate from Grachev, and built himself a new house, which was similar in style to the other local buildings.

Interestingly enough, the production of woolen cloth had continued here even after the revolution of 1917, but this time it was managed by the state, not by the Grachev family. There are brick buildings and annexes on the territory of estate, and five beautiful ponds, named Golovinskiye and Mikhalkovskiye.