Gubin Mansion/Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Alexander Zelikov / TASS
This notable mansion stands on Petrovka Ulitsa (Petrovka Street). It was built in 1793 by the great Russian architect Matvey Kazakov for Mikhail Gubin, a prominent industrialist from the Urals. The massive three-storey building, a stellar example of Moscow Neoclassical style, had suffered from the fires of 1812 along with the greater majority of city buildings, but it was carefully restored soon after the war.

After the restoration, Gubin's heirs rented the house out to different educational institutions. A beautiful garden was planted around the estate, and a long pond was dug.

In 1920, the Institute of Physical Therapy and Orthopedics had moved in here, and later the building was occupied by various hospital departments. The interior decorations had decayed, but in the late 20th century the building underwent a full restoration, and today some of the original interiors and ceiling paintings are visible once again. The mansion is now home to the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and is open to the visitors.