Mansion of Musin-Pushkin

Alexander Zelikov / TASS
This Neoclassical palace was built in 1790s-1800s, and belonged to Count Alexei Musin-Pushkin. It was rumored that the magnificent three-storey house on the bank of Chechora River, the tributary of Yauza River, was built by architect Matvey Kazakov.

The house's owner was an educated man and a patron of the arts, and the estate housed a large library and collection of paintings, both of which did not survive the 1812 Fire of Moscow.

After Musin-Pushkin's death, the house fell into the hands of municipal authorities, and Moscow's 2nd Grammar School was opened here. After the revolution of 1917, the Soviet authorities decided to expand the mansion and added another floor, which had a negative effect on the overall look of the building. At first, it housed a military hospital, and later a number of educational institutions. Today it is home to the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.