This estate on the Likova River bank, which was built in 1810 by Count Alexei Musin-Pushkin and his enterprising wife Ekaterina, is one of the best-preserved Russian noble estates.

The two-storey wooden house with Ionic porticos and a gazebo, and the linden-tree park attracted a lot of guests. Numerous relatives and guests of Musin-Pushkin's wife came from the neighbouring estates of Yasenevo and Ostafyevo. The guests were entertained with the performances of the serf theater, along with lots of dancing and charades. Their son, Decembrist Vladimir Musin-Pushkin, would invite his friends Alexander Pushkin and Yevgeny Baratynsky to the estate.

In 1856, Musin-Pushkin went bankrupt and was forced to sell his family estate. Following that, the estate was never kept by any one owner for long. In 1920, after the revolution, Valuyevo was nationalized and became home to the sanatorium of the Glavmosstroy construction company. The sanatorium can be found here to this day, and thanks to this fact, the estate is in mint condition.

The Soviet-time War and Peace movie was one of the many films to have been shot here.