Klapovskaya Estate

Alexander Zelikov / TASS
This grand Empire-style house with two annexes was first reconstructed after the 1812 Fire of Moscow. Throughout the 19th century, it had seen a succession of owners, each of whom would reconstruct it further to his or her liking. The building occupies the place of two houses, and this is reflected in its address, Ulitsa Goncharnaya (Goncharnaya Street), 14-16.

Merchant Pyotr Moloshnikov, one of the house's owners, had left a cipher with his initials PM on the building's frontispiece. The house’s last owner Maria Klapovskaya had left nothing except for her name.

In Soviet times, the estate was home to the House of Scientific Atheism, and after the break up of the Soviet Union it was given to the Center of Cultural Heritage. The estate is open to visitors only twice a year, on April 18 (Day of Monument Conservation) and May 18 (Museum Day), when many of Moscow's palaces and estates are opened for the general public.