Moskvarium Center of Oceanography and Marine Biology

Mikhail Mettsel/ТАSS

The new, Ocean-size aquarium at VDNKh, opened in the summer 2015, presents the florae and faunae of all climate zones. Eight thousand species of saltwater and freshwater fishes and water beasts of every size and colour in 80 aquaria. Sharks, killer whales, octopi, piranhas, pinnipeds and crustaceans… you name it! Better be prepared to spend the whole day. In addition to the colossal display of sea life, there is a theatre for shows featuring sea lions, walruses and killer whales, and there is a pool for swimming with the dolphins. A separate room is dedicated to a "petting aquarium," where you can touch a stingray or a starfish. Moskvarium is proud of its mid-Russian freshwater fish collection, most notably, the sturgeon family, which are rarely seen in aquaria.