ZiL Culture Centre

Permanent training courses or groups are not the forte of ZiL, the largest culture palace in Moscow. Diverse festivals, lectures and one-time master classes for children any age are – and you do not have to sign up in advance. A long time ago DK ZiL (ZiL Palace of Culture) was the culture palace for the employees of AMO ZiL Factory, and it continues to arrange concerts, dancing and tea parties for retired AMO veterans, where they share recollections from their past life of hard work. The ZiL "lectorium" for children, teens and young adults seems to cover every subject imaginable, from hip-hop history to the habits of early humans to the string theory. Science festivals are held here quite frequently, to which end chemical and physical labs are deployed, where kids will examine dragonfly larvae, observe snowflakes through a microscope, and do other exciting things. The DK ZiL building is a constructivist landmark created by the brothers Leonid and Alexander Vesnin, erected in 1937 on the grounds of the gentry necropolis of the neighbouring Saint Simon's Monastery. The children's bookshop at ZiL entrance has some rare, hand-picked books for sale.