Zhivye Sistemy Museum

Valeriy Sharifulin/ТАSS

This cheerful interactive science museum is devoted to all living beings. The sensory perceptions of a kitten, olfactory sensations of man, how Godzilla's or a zombie's body would work… the museum will illuminate all this and much more. The exhibits are all exciting practical aids, which can and should be palpated. For example, the exhibit "Sol" ("Salt") shows how much salt a human tear contains, and there's a measurement instrument you can use to see if you can out-howl a howler monkey. Exhibits are moving and blinking, kids are screaming… What is going on? We thought this was a museum! Excursions and master classes are given here all the time, where you will be, for instance, invited to examine water fleas from some swamp in the north of Moscow under a microscope, or dared to tell Russians from Americans in a bunch of photographs. The museum has a shop that sells scientific toys, and a café with a good selection of fresh cakes and pies.