Evrika Park Science and Entertainment Centre

Evrika Park is an educational complex, offering clubs and classes to satisfy all needs and tastes. In the natural sciences section, kids learn to tell acids from alkali, grow multicoloured crystals, and train animals. At the DIY Cartoon Kitchen, trainees get so good at cartoon animation they will make a cartoon in just 1.5 hours using only matches, semolina, modelling clay, and anything else they can find. Other classes at Evrika Park will explain how planes fly, what carnivorous plants eat, reveal the secrets of sleuthing, and illuminate many other things. The titles of the programmes are self-evident: Life Under the Microscope, Chemistry: Miraculous Transformations, Mysteries of Sight, Sleuth of Genius, Trick Academy, The Physics of a Miracle, Mathematics: How Man and Machine Calculate, How Planes Fly, Predator Plants, etc. Each programme is 1.5 to 2 hours long. The time-table is on the website, and you can sign up online. The youngest kids (4 or older) are welcome to attend robotics classes. In the section named Biopark, kids study animals and plants and take care of them.