Teatr Vkusa Creative Laboratory

All plays at this small private theatre culminate in a joyful feast, as audiences devour food prepared during the performance. Teatr Vkusa (Theatre of Taste) does not work purely to feed its young visitors, however; rather, it aims to help them learn about the world and to understand the significance of home and family. At present, the theatre does not have its own stage and gives performances at a number of venues. The Domik Fanni Bell Theatre in the Bauman Garden, for instance, hosts the extremely popular "Tales from Mother's Bag" ("Skazki iz Maminoi Sumki") (2+). This production is directed by Marfa Gorvits and Alexandra Lovyannikova, recent graduates of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) who have already become well-recognized for their work. Directed by Yury Makeyev, Teatr Vkusa's artistic director, "The Family Bakery" ("Semeynaya Pekarnya") is also running at the Domik Fanni Bell Theatre. A play about bread-baking traditions, this focuses on the 150-year history of a certain French recipe. During the performance, the children learn to make their own crusty bread using this recipe, whilst simultaneously learning about the ingredients needed for family happiness. The "Venice Story" ("Venetsianskaya Istoriya") carnival play directed by Yury Makeev can be caught at various outdoor venues in parks, public squares and boulevards. The theatre also offers the Cook & Talk children's cookery master-classes in English, as well as the "Tasty School" ("Vkusnaya Shkola") cookery classes in Russian. At these classes children can learn to bake bread and gingerbread and to make ravioli and pizza in a playful environment.