Tvorcheskoye Objedineniye 9 Union

This independent troupe of recent graduates from various Moscow drama and arts schools focuses exclusively on plays for children. Lacking its own stage, the troupe stages productions at several prestigious venues in the Russian capital including the Meyerhold Centre, the Praktika Theatre and the Domik Fanni Bell Theatre.

As young people, the members of the troupe are constantly seeking new forms. Their plays have nothing of the old-fashioned directors' techniques so often present in children's theatre. The repertoire is not huge, but changes regularly and includes some excellent productions. Currently showing are the puppet play "The Fly Tsokotukha" ("Mukha-Tsokotukha") staged as a tea party (2+); the educational astronomy performance "Space, or To the Ends of the Universe" ("Kosmos, ili na Kray Vselennoy") (7+); the Christmas story play "The Story of One Miracle" ("Istoriya Odnogo Chuda") (4+); "The True Stories of Sinbad from Baghdad" ("Pravdiviye Istorii Sindbada iz Bagdada") (6+) based on the "Arabian Nights."

The troupe also works to revive the forgotten tradition of home theatre and is happy to bring its productions to those who invite them into their homes.