Praktika Theatre

This is a young theatre with two main repertoires: new Russian drama and plays for children. Opened in 2005, in 10 years it has seen two strong artistic directors and retained its image as a trendy, modern theatre for comfortably off audiences that are not against new forms, topics and language. The theatre's efforts in working with new drama are not as significant as its successes with children's plays. Twice, the theatre has invited the famous French director Joël Pommerat. His first production with Praktika (Practice) was "This Child" ("Etot Rebyonok"), a play that looks at family conflict and the problems facing adolescents. This was followed by an equally complex and somber "Pinocchio" for children aged 8-12. A striking view of just how tragic the world can sometimes appear to children, Pommerat's "Pinocchio" also uses complex stage design and special effects. Currently, the theatre is showing a production of "Cinderella" ("Zolushka"), a play by Joël Pommerat staged by Marfa Gorvits for children aged 13+. Here, the well-known fairy tale is used as the base to open a public discussion around children's psychological trauma and other mental health issues facing teenagers. Eduard Boyakov and Philipp Grigoryan's "Agatha Returns Home" ("Agata Vozvraschayetsya Domoy" (8+) is based on Linor Goralik's story about an eight-year-old girl who learns to make serious decision, resist temptation and live with her sense of guilt about her parents. Besides experimental plays about children's mental health issues, Praktika's repertoire includes a variety of other productions. Alisa Grebenshchikova's solo show "The Hedgehog and the Baby Bear" ("Yozhik i Medvezhonok") (4+) revisits a popular children's book by Sergey Kozlov. Based on ancient Russian texts, "Peter and Fevronia of Murom" (“Pyotr i Fevroniya Muromskiye”) (10+) is set to music by Alexander Manotskov, one of Russia's leading composers.