Trickster Theatre

Trickster is a small independent theatre company founded by a director duo who are a couple: Maria Litvinova and Vyacheslav Ignatov. Working jointly on some productions, for others, the couple go their separate ways. Their first steps were taken in the Ten puppet theatre with the play "The Epos of the Lilikans" ("Epos o Lilikane"), awarded a Golden Mask, and at the trendy hipster Praktika Theatre, where they staged "The Story that Was Never Written" ("Skazka, Kotoraya Ne Byla Napisana") based on the writing of Linor Goralik. The couple then decided to open their own theatre. Trickster does not have its own stage, but its website gives a list of all upcoming performances at various Moscow venues. Currently Trickster is showing three children's plays: the shadow play "The Story that Was Never Written" (5+) by the couple themselves with an open ending as the audience decides how the play will end; the science fiction puppet play "Robot Stories of a Real Man" ("Skazki Robotov o Nastoyaschem Cheloveke") (8+) based on the writing of Stanislav Lem; the Scottish fairy tale "The Farmer and the Giantess" ("Fermer i Velikansha") (5+) performed by puppets in a cardboard box. Trickster regularly stages plays at the Praktika Theatre and the Meyerhold Theatre Centre, and is always happy to be invited to perform elsewhere.