Moscow Theater of Volshebnaya Lampa Children's Book

Founded by the outstanding puppeteer and director Vladimir Stein together with artist Marina Gribanova, this cosy little family theatre recently marked its 25th anniversary. Considered one of Russia's finest professional puppet theatres, Volshebnaya Lampa (Magic Lamp) sets out to foster curiosity and a love of reading among children. The repertoire is planned accordingly. The theatre's productions are based on the best children's books from "The Cat's House" ("Koshkin Dom") to "Winnie the Pooh" ("Vinni Pukh"). Besides staging plays, the theatre offers new book presentations and exhibitions of illustrators' work. Originally purely a puppet theatre, nowadays Volshebnaya Lampa uses different forms of theatre. This theatre is perhaps most suitable and enjoyable for very young children who have minimal theatregoing experience.