Domik Fanni Bell Theatre

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS
This cosy little theatre caters for pre-school and younger schoolchildren. Situated in one of Moscow's tiniest and sweetest parks, the Bauman Garden, it holds just 50 people. The layout is such that the audience is right up close to the performers: this way, the children can feel that they are taking part in the action. The theatre has no standard seating, no chairs arranged in rows: instead, the children sit on cushions and can move around freely if they wish. The repertoire includes all the genres and styles of contemporary theatre from puppet performances to multimedia projects, from clowns and pantomime to cooking shows and storytelling. In the summer, some performances are held outside, in a little amphitheatre in the open air. The theatre also has a drama studio where children can learn to stage their own performances. The repertoire also includes plays from a variety of independent troupes specializing in children's theatre and lacking their own stage.