Museum of Cosmonautics

Mikhail Mettsel/ТАSS
This is a serious museum of space exploration, boasting an incredible collection of exhibits that people of any age will find interesting. There are thousands of items on display: from archive documents to lunar soil samples to the first Sputnik. You can feel like a real cosmonaut here when you visit the Mir space station core module or learn how to steer a Soyuz TMA spacecraft on a link-up simulator (you have to sign up in advance). Here you will find the spacesuits of famous cosmonauts, stuffed dummies of the legendary dog cosmonauts Belka and Strelka (their real names were Vilna and Kaplya), and the favourite amusement of all visitors – space food in cans, tubes and vacuum packs. You can also buy canned space foods in the museum gift shop, which opened a couple of years ago. If visiting the museum on your own, you are strongly advised to rent an audio guide, or take a free tour on izi.TRAVEL. Space documentaries run non-stop in one of the rooms.
The memorial home of Sergey Korolev, the leading engineer of the Soviet space programme, deserves a separate tour. This house was a gift from the government - Korolev’s reward for the successful launch of the world’s first unmanned spacecraft. It is a sacristy, in which the personal belongings of the great space engineer, and the unique feel of 1960s Moscow, are conserved forever. The Sergey Korolev Memorial Home, an affiliate of the Museum of Cosmonautics, is 500 metres removed from the main museum, at 1st Ostankinskaya Ulitsa 28.