Museum of Cosmonautics

Mikhail Mettsel/ТАSS
This is a serious museum of space exploration, boasting an incredible collection of exhibits that kids any age will find interesting. There are thousands of items on display: from archive documents to lunar soil samples to the first Sputnik. Here you will find the spacesuits of famous cosmonauts, stuffed dummies of the legendary dog cosmonauts Belka and Strelka (their real names were Albina and Markiza), the amazing suction toilet from a space station, and the favourite amusement of all visitors – space food in cans, tubes and vacuum packs. You can also buy some space preserves in the museum gift shop, opened a couple of years ago. The museum is conveniently organized for independent touring: each exhibit comes with a detailed description, so you probably will not need a tour guide. Space documentaries run non-stop in one of the rooms.