State Darwin Museum

Nikolai Galkin/TASS

A colossal assemblage of stuffed animals, placed in windows against the backdrop of highly detailed geographical props, this would be a good introduction to the "museum world" for a young child. No matter what the sign says, kids will have so much fun here with hundreds of furry, tailed and teethed things – rodents, foxes, wolves, etc. – staring at you from behind the glass. The museum takes up several floors, and every floor showcases the wonders of evolution, mutation, and other miracles of life. The dinosaur dummies in the interactive Reptiles of Chalk showcase start moving a few times every hour. The displays are so organized that visitors find themselves now in the wilderness, now in the taiga, now at the bottom of the sea. The climate zones of Russia and the former Soviet Union are represented best of all. The museum offers guided tours and master classes. At the interactive centre, Know Yourself, Know the World, kids and parents get to inspect insects under a microscope, or mould a DNA molecule. Do not overlook the miraculous scales, where you can weigh yourself in "cats," "mice" or "elephants."