Chistoprudny Boulevard

Alexander Zelikov/TASS
This is one of Moscow's best-known boulevards – thanks to its area and width, it resembles a park, and there is even a Chisty (Clean) pond. The pond was given its name in the 18th century, when Peter the Great's companion, Count Alexander Menshikov, ordered that the local water reservoirs (there were more than one at that time) be cleared of the waste, thrown into the water by the meat vendors from Myasnitskaya Ulitsa (Myasnitskaya Street). The boulevard was built up in the 19th century, and became the focal point of social life. A century ago, people came here to the Coloseum movie theatre, which now houses the Sovremennik theatre, and to see the Borodino Panorama, which was later moved to Kutuzovsky Prospekt (Kutuzovsky Avenue). Another important attraction is the monument to the playwright and composer Alexander Griboyedov, who loved this place and used to live nearby.