House of Kozhsindikat (House of the Union Leather Syndicate)

Alexander Zelikov/TASS
This imposing Constructivist building was designed at the end of 1920s by the young architecture student Alexander Golubev for the employees of the Union Leather Syndicate, which was organized in 1922. It was built in place of the Borodino Panorama, which was later moved to Kutuzovsky Prospekt (Kutuzovsky Avenue). The first three floors of the building were given over to all kinds of offices and organizations, while the last three housed the employees' apartments. After the war, in 1948, another floor was added to the building. In mid-20th century, the building was home to the People's Commissariat of Consumer Goods Industry, the Ministry of Procurements, and the Ministry of Bread Products. In 1989, the building was given over to Rolan Bykov's All-Union Cinema and Television Center for Children and Youth, and later Rolan movie theatre was opened on the ground floor. It is one of Moscow's few movie theatres to run movies in their original version with subtitles.