Tenement House of the Church of Trinity on Gryazekh (House with Animals)

Alexander Zelikov/TASS
The tenement house of the Church of Trinity on Gryazekh is popularly known as the "House with Animals." One of Moscow's most remarkable Art Nouveau buildings was built in 1909 with design by Lev Kravetsky. Its third and fourth floors are adorned with bas-reliefs of magical animals and plants based on sketches by Sergey Vashkov, a student of the famous painter Viktor Vasnetsov. Vashkov had said that he drew inspiration for his bestiary from the animals on the facade of the famous Cathedral of Saint Demetrius in Vladimir. Vashkov loved the building so much, that he settled there. The building's basement is home to a small oceanarium, where visitors can watch shark feeding. The house was depicted in the Soviet movie The Foundling.