Medyntsev's House

Alexander Zelikov/TASS
In the second half of the 19th century, a large part of the boulevard was bought by merchant brothers Vasily and Pavel Medyntsev who sold expensive fabrics. The brothers used the land to build tenement houses. House No. 8, designed by Dmitry Pevnitsky, was built in 1881. In addition to the apartments, there was a plan to use the building for educational purposes. In 1894, architect Flegont Voskresensky added some parts to the building and removed a number of facade decorations. From the date of construction, the building housed a girls' high school and Olga Vinogradskaya, a prominent Moscow resident who dedicated a lot of efforts to the establishment of female education in the country. By 1902, the high school that she headed became one of the city's best. The teachers lived in the same building. In mid-20th century, the building was given over to several Soviet ministries and editorial offices.