Y. T. Krestovnikova's Tenement House

Александр Зеликов/ТАСС
This is the tenement house that was built in 1913 by architect Ivan German for the prominent philanthropist and granddaughter of millionaire Savva Morozov Yulia Krestovnikova. Part of the house stands in place of the infamous poorhouse that was depicted on Vladimir Makovsky's painting "Homeless shelter." This shelter was once visited by Leo Tolstoy, who later wrote a scathing article on destitution.

The ornate facade of Krestovnikova's house looks out on the lane, while a more modest wall is facing the boulevard. The facade echoes the neighbouring Durasov's House that was built a century earlier. There is a theory that artist Alexey Savrasov had spent his last days in the poorhouse that was there before Krestovnikova's building.