Koupes Bar

Alexander Zelikov/TASS

One of the few establishments in Moscow serving Cypriot food, this is a lively stall at Danilovsky Market. Pita stuffed with falafel, pita with haloumi cheese, pita with souvlaki and really hot and wholesome soups (perfect for winter), such as the spicy tomato soup with orzo pasta.

There is a limited range of light bites, but they are perfectly executed: the hummus is soft and delicate, the tabouli is fresh and revitalizing, and the haloumi has just the right black stripes from the grill.

After a soup and a light dish, you should order a koupes – a traditional pie made of bulgur with turkey, or lamb with mint, or mushrooms. Each pie comes with a lemon wedge that you should squeeze out over it – the taste immediately becomes clearer and sharper. Then you should have an eastern style coffee, or a Greek frappe – the latter is perfect for the summer.