Alexander Zelikov/TASS

The PRIME chain is the perfect spot for a quick and healthy lunch or a snack on the run: brightly lit fridges with triangle sandwiches, baguettes with sprightly leaves of lettuce poking out, pots with soups of the day (ramen with chicken breast, mushroom, turkey and spinach, borscht), boxes of couscous and liver, perlotto with mushroom and vegetable ragout, neat rows of rolls and gunkans.

For breakfast they serve delicious traditional porridge with fruit or unusual chia seed porridge. PRIME is really loved for its sandwiches, though: they are plump and overflowing with fillings. Apple and turkey, tuna and egg, Normandy-style salmon, smoked turkey, chicken fillet with bacon, egg and cucumber … If you cannot manage two large sandwiches, then opt for a bagel: wild salmon, turkey, ham and cheese. And in those little packets at the counter there are some crafty temptresses – biscuits, homemade marshmallows and honey-nut bars.