Alexander Zelikov/TASS

Noodles or rice in the Wokker chain's cardboard boxes have captured the imaginations of office workers – it is cheap, filling and fast, making it perfect for your lunch break. All this, as a rule, is prepared in a wok, which is to say it takes about three minutes and is done before the diners' eyes.

When Wokker had just appeared it attracted long lines, because "food in boxes, like in films" had finally arrived. Now it is a familiar chain with a familiar menu that is set up like a mix and match kit. First you have to choose rice or noodles (glass, egg or buckwheat), then the filling. Pad thai, curried chicken, pork in a sweet and sour sauce, vegetables in an oyster sauce, turkey in Asian chili, seafood in a tom yum sauce, prawns – all this is thrown into the wok and mixed up with the rice or noodles. For those still hungry, there are spring rolls (some surprisingly packed with cherries) and soups (tom yum, ramen or miso).