Ponchiki (Doughnuts)

Alexander Zelikov/TASS

Ponchiki – the Russian take on doughnuts – in paper bags, dusted in powdered sugar, are remembered on these shores by all those who were born before the arrival of Dunkin' Donuts and Crispy Creme. Ponchiki doughnuts were an obligatory element on Sunday walks in the park in your childhood. Increasingly, these outlets, where the ponchiki are cooked to traditional recipes, are closing down, unable to compete with custard and colorful icing; or perhaps worse, they start breaking the rules and adding cinnamon and chocolate syrup.
This Ponchik stall by the tramlines close to the Ostankinsky Pond has been open since 1952. They wanted to shut it down and bulldoze it, but Muscovites petitioned for its protection and defended their beloved little house with its towers. Thus, the lines for ponchiki with their crunchy crusts, evenly fried on every side, with soft inner dough and a sprinkling of powdered sugar are still there.