Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

The ZOLOTAYA VOBLA chain holds the title of "people's bar" quite deservedly. The motley crowd includes eccentric retirees, students, and exhausted executives, ready to kick back now that the quarterly reporting is behind them. They had special menu items for Euro 2016: Football Squad Pizza (the dough was the field and the meatballs the players), and the Hat Trick burger trio.

The chain operates its own smokehouse, out of which and onto ZOLOTAYA VOBLA tables comes yummy smoked fish: herring, capelin, mackerel, and non-fish: pig ears, chicken chips, pork ribs, and other pertinent beer nibbles. They have the popular crafters (including one semi-dark "rejuvenating" kind), and regular unfiltered, like Paulaner Dark, on tap. For gamblers there are two Yorsh drinks on the menu: classic and trademark (with grenadine and 7UP). Those who guess the winners of a half or a match get a glass of beer as a gift. The lucky ones who guessed the tally have their bill twice reduced.