John Donne

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

Being a wannabe British pub (dark wood, no-frills food, football, crowded bar on a Friday night, and tiny tables outside), the John Donne chain configures its menu accordingly. There are not many trendy crafters on offer (only two, in fact), but there is the more rare craft cider (with Scottish apples), lots of wine, and beer cocktails like Liverpool Kiss, Watson and Cherry Velvet, to make up for it.

Some menu highlights are root crop chips, fish'n'chips, stewed cheeks, ribs, English pie with cheeks or chicken, tomato bean soup, and tuna salad. Go for the very generous grilled meat platter or hot snacks platter for party food. Burgers and sandwiches are available in seven options: from the classic cheeseburger to pastrami sandwich.

Things are also good with what to watch. The UEFA Euro 2016 broadcast here was provided with live commentary: from anchors Vasily Utkin, Kirill Dementyev, Karen Adamyan and Alexander Netsenko.