HopHead Craft Beer Pub

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

HopHead, the two-story temple of craft beer, sells bar equipment as well as its favourite suds. They give lectures on grain malting, brewing and types of hops, and they will teach you how to brew your own beer, which will be unlike any other. The outputs of home-brewing experiments can be sampled right here. Their beer list reads like an encyclopaedia. And the indefatigable bar staff will tell you loads about each kind: pale ales, bitter ales, strong ales, semi-dark ales, high-hopped ales, lightly-hopped dark ales with no bitterness, porters, stouts, Imperial stouts, barley wine, trappist ales, double-, triple-, and quadruple-brewed monk ales, Flemish red ales, lambics, gueuzes, fruit beers, smoked beers, lagers and the American beer styles. Most of the beer titles on tap at HopHead come from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Russia. There are several dozen domestic beers on offer, some of them pretty decent, and five or so craft ciders.