OneMore Pub

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

OneMore Pub, a chain bar, shows rugby, Formula 1 Grand Prix and football competitions on 42-inch screens. The bar is a veritable beer map of the world. Among the beers on tap, quite unexpectedly, you find even Italy's Peroni and Birrificio del Ducato's Indian Pale Ale, Anderson Valley from the US, The Rev James Original cask ale from Wales, Scotch lager Schiehallion, the American craft brew Edge (brewed in Barcelona), and Hawaiian lager Long Board. Moscow brews are also present: APA Trigger, for instance. Many beers are only "visiting:" not here to stay very long.

The food is basic, plain, filling and beer-friendly. The customary assortment of meat platters is complemented with the homemade salo platter option, and you can have Georgian cheese pie (khachapuri) instead of a pizza, a Burgher salad with sausage and smoked chicken breast in lieu of Greek salad, and green waffles with duck pate in place of Tapas. The entrees are the carnivore's paradise: steaks, beef medallions, smoked pork breast, pork ribs, garlic chicken. For those who do not eat meat there is fasting menu: red cabbage steaks, grilled tempura vegetables, tabule with couscous and cucumber salad.