Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

Silver's wants everyone to know how Irish they are, so they even joke Irish. If you ask your server about the soup of the day, they will say "whisky." Indeed, Irish whiskeys and Bourbons abound. There are probably more of them listed than regular party cocktails, the likes of Mojito, B-52, Long Island Ice Tea, etc. Needless to say, they have Irish coffee.

The menu is pretty much "the best of" British and Irish specialties: Bangers and mash, fish'n'chips, Guinness Pie, steaks, cod fillet with rosemary crust, salmon steak, occasionally interspersed with outlandish insertions, like spaghetti al frutti di mare, BBQ ribs with cloves, Tom Yum soup, chicken curry, and chilli con carne. On big screens they show not only football, but also rugby, golf, hockey and cricket in Silver's, which becomes obvious as one looks at the ceiling covered with the flags of favourite teams, representing these sports.