Tap & Barrel Pub

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

Tap & Barrel Pub's guideline for all food seems to be: "only the best and all your favourites": salmon Ceviche, kvas and kefir Okroshka, strawberry and raspberry Gazpacho, pastrami sandwich, onion soup, Caesar, Greek salad, homemade pâté, ham hock, pasta Carbonara. No great revelations, just great food. The beer and nibbles section makes particularly lucid sense: sausages, garlic crouton baskets, breaded cheese baskets, and the special beer basket, thoughtfully packed with everything a large party of fans may need while watching a game: Buffalo wings, shrimp, jalapeno cheese puffs, suluguni cheese, calamari rings, onion rings, and potato wedges. There is a huge selection of beer to choose from.