Blacksmith Irish Pub

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

This pub really feels like a smithy inside with its chafed tables, heavy wrought-iron chairs (it is a Blacksmith Pub!), the black metal of the fireplace (which has seen better days), and huge windows. The space feels roomy and cozy at the same time. They have rock concerts on their 55-inch plasma screens on weekdays, rock documentaries (The Beatles, The Doors, Rolling Stones and other legends) on Sundays, but on football championship days there is nothing but football on TV. There is live music and dancing on weekends.

The bar menu is conducive to dancing. Whiskeys and mixed drinks predominate. The choice of beer is not too grand, but it is configured to suit every taste with such big-names as Tennent's Lager, Young's double chocolate stout, Guinness, Bombardier, Caffrey's Ale and Magners Cider. It may be time for breakfast when the dancing is over. They advertise a "super-filling breakfast:" eggs, roast beef, toasts, French fries and some shy lettuce leaves.