Expedition – Northern Cuisine

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS
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The restaurant's full name is "Expedition – Northern cuisine." Northern exotics are served there, such as slices of cold meat and fish, cold side-dishes from game and fine fish, handmade Siberian dumplings, eagle fern, deer's tongue, homemade pies, hunter's fish soup and broth. The best match to soups are cabbage triangles, Baikal potato flipjacks and Perm "posikunchiki," fried pies with Altay mutton, onion, garlic and greenery. Omul and pike cutlets with caramelized apples and soused lingonberry stand on their own.

A whole section in the menu is taken up by Northern berries: frozen cranberry, soused fen-berry, lingonberry with pine nuts, Kamchatka bilberry jam, wild strawberry jam and others a Muscovite might never see in his life. For kids here is a real feast, the special kids menu – a small version of the grown-up one with dumplings, crab balls and a berry starch drink. Young visitors are served their food in the Polar helicopter that stands amidst the hall.