Boston Seafood & Bar

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

The Boston Seafood & Bar chain is the baby of two enthusiasts, Anton Lyalin and Kirill Martynenko, who once decided to make a revolution in the world of restaurants. They did not like that with many affordable steak-houses in the city, there were far too few places with good-quality fish. That was how Boston Seafood & Bar appeared, embracing and serving molluscs, fish and other gifts from the sea. The restaurant's must-haves are Zuppa De Pesca, Italian tomato soup with seafood, crabs (the best is a huge Kamchatkan one for 2-3 people) and prawns. Prawns are cooked by all known methods: served with ice, smoked, covered in tempura, thrown into fire with spicy and a little sauce or simply boiled in a pan that can easily serve 2 people. There are only a couple of fish dishes but all are just perfect: cod with vegetables made in baking paper, soft and juicy, really huge halibut steak which can be shared between friends.