Crabs Are Coming

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

As follows from the name, this small joint mainly serves crab. Renowned crab burgers (sandwiches with crab), steamed dumplings with crab, crab buns (one only has to keep an eye on the stuffing coming out of the puffy pastry) and rice with crab are well-defined with halibut, scallop seviche, spicy prawns, pollack in tempura, black pudding and pancakes with kimchi. There is a wide range of Asian beers and spicy soups, for example, a Korean one that can lift one up on one's feet in a matter of seconds. The small bar Drink Your Seoul is right there, with Korean cocktails and a splendid variety of alcohol. The bar's specialty is plenty of Korean soju used for cocktails and strong infusions with exotic fruit such as pomelo.