Noor | Electro

Alexander Zelikov / TASS

Patio at Noor | Electro, an excellent bar and restaurant, is a tiny secluded courtyard, where people sit everywhere, including the steps. For the kids, there is a swing, a hammock, and a rope ladder, but adults can use them as well.

Despite the fact that people usually come to Noor | Electro to have a drink and dance, its food is also very good. For breakfast, try almond croissants, eggs Benedict with salmon. The lunch menu is modest, but respectable: tomatoes with mint, Tom Yam Kun soup, lamb cutlet with bilgur, roasted farm chicken, and potatoes with "adjika". In the evenings, people come here for pomegranate tinis, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and classical Old Fashioneds.