Veranda 32.05

Alexander Zelikov / TASS
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In summer this lively terrace with huge windows expands outward, and several rows of tables are put up in the Hermitage Garden itself. During daytime, it is full of mothers with their children (fresh vegetable salads with sunflower spouts, young zucchini with sour cream sauce, club sandwiches with chicken breast, and crepes with orange sauce satisfy their cravings), and in the evenings, Veranda 32.05 is transformed. Party goers of all ages come here to have a glass of wine or house sangria (which is made here in huge containers) and dance till the wee hours to the music played by popular DJs. In the evenings, people usually order chicken wok with noodles, ribeye steak, kebabs in pita bread and appetizers to go with the alcohol: red mullet, quick pickled cucumbers, meze, bruschettas with chicken liver pâté and onion confit, and buckets (small ones) of french fries.

The restaurant's owners regularly host special evenings, such as oyster days or sangria nights. All the information is published on its Facebook page, and if you want to join, be quick, there is quickly a long queue.