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Chips is a happening place for wild get-togethers with champagne. If you are not a fun of loud parties, come earlier, before the place gets crazy. The summer patio is located almost on the roof, with a great view of Kuznetsky Most, TsUM, and the Bolshoi Theatre.

The menu is a complete fusion: smoked duck salad or Caesar salad with shrimp is next to soup with salmon or chebureki meat pies and vodka, while the chicken burger (a favourite with the kids) is found side by side with black ravioli with crab meat. Chicken schnitzel competes for attention with homemade veal pelemeni, and mutton Luleh kebab gives the traditional Russian schi soup a run for its money. In other words, the menu has everything that may be desired by the person who had danced half a night, or who had simply gotten hungry shopping at the upscale TsUM.