Oli Oli

Alexander Zelikov / TASS
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This small, but soulful Italian restaurant is headed by Giuseppe Davi, a chef with a beard, lots of jokes and passion for pasta and cooking in general. In order to get a real taste of his talent, ask for tasting sets from the chef: bruschetta with crabmeat, pike-perch fillet in a bed of zucchini with shrimp sauce, black ravioli with sea bass and pick shrimp, porcini cappuccino with truffle aroma, Olimpia dessert.

The main menu has lots of pasta and risotto (such as spaghetti with mullet bottarga, capers, garlic, and tomatoes, or risotto with buratta and tomato sauce) as well as numerous Sicilian seafood dishes: marine reptiles soup, oysters, free range fish of the day, red Sicilian shrimp and langoustines.

The Italians have a spacious patio, with starched tablecloths, nonchalant umbrellas and plants in tubs – you can see that the chef wants to feel as much at home here as at his native Sicily. It would be a waste of a sunny day to avoid the desserts, so give a try to the tender semifreddo with almonds.