Bolshoi (Big)

Aleksandr Zelikov/ТАSS
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This is the best place to come after a play in the Bolshoi Theatre. In an aristocratic hall with marble pillars for dinner you can get salad of roasted eggplant and young brynza cheese, vegetable caviar with toast, Vinaigrette salad with veal tongue, herring "pod shuboi" made in Russian traditions, beef jelly, aspic dishes, pickled mushrooms, pelmeni (Russian dumplings), buckwheat with forest mushrooms, smoked sterlet fish. In other words, eternal classics.

It is also worth to try the 5 o'clock tea ceremony there. Although the 5 o'clock tea is an English tradition, but the tea in Bolshoi is Russian, from a samovar, served with quark-filled pastry (vatrushki), pirozhki with apple filling (baked stuffed buns), eclairs, tarts and donuts. If this is not enough for you, you may try a truly "theatrical" dessert Anna Pavlova, Ptichye moloko (Bird's milk) pasty or a small dessert made of season's berries.