Aleksandr Zelikov/ТАSS
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Oblomov is a leisurely restaurant, the same as Ivan Goncharov's novel. There you can easily spend time in inertia: an old mansion, iron bound coffers, dull wallpapers, antique lamp-shades, carved buffets, and Franklin stoves with ceramic tiles.

The dishes in the menu are the same – they aggregate sweet laziness: homemade pickles, appetizers from cured pork fat (salo) and homemade baked ham, beloribitsa, veal jelly, ukha (Russian fish soup) with sterlet, vareniki (dumplings) with cherries, lamb shoulder and even bear stew with cranberries and mushrooms.

Everything is cooked following old traditional recipes, that is why it is not unusual if you find in the menu homemade Olivier salad with duck meat from Oblomov's cooking book. During the summer months porridge and soups are prepared in chauldrons on the porch. For those who are stuffed after the dinner there are low couches – you can try and get some sleep there.