Aleksandr Zelikov/ТАSS

LavkaLavka is a chain farm cooperative founded by the entrepreneur Boris Akimov. At first, he started a shop with farm products, then he created a restaurant. The food there is prepared from seasons products, which are grown by the carrying farmers' hands. The ingredients are collected from all over Russia.

LavkaLavka has a restaurant, a shop and a market. The restaurant does “new Russian food”: foie gras profiteroles, Kamchatka crab and cream cheese salads, farmer’s cheese platters, homemade pelmeni with wild boar meat, homemade buckwheat vareniki, quail, pearl barley with duck giblets, scra.m.led eggs with whitefish caviar, kulebyaka pie of buckwheat crepes with Chinook salmon. They’ll tell you all about every ingredient: where it comes from and how the people live who grew it. The shop and the market feature the same farm produce: meat, vegetables, cheeses, homemade pastas, homemade chocolate, milk and sour milk products, dry foods and even handmade toiletries. Lavka is often resented for its high prices and exorbitant mark-ups, but one has to admit that some of the produce they offer cannot be found anywhere else.