Jamie's Italian

Alexander Zelikov/TASS
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Enterprising and charismatic, Jamie Oliver first conquered the hearts of cooks around the world with his television programmes. His shows taught viewers to roast pumpkin, make pancakes with the kids, grow cabbage for pies and generally change life for the better through eating well. At the same time, Jamie was opening restaurants all over the world, but for quite a while, Russia was not included.

Now, finally, Jamie's Italian has come to Moscow. The menu is full of treats that caught the chef's fancy during his Italian travels: lasagne, tiramisu with orange Mascarpone and chocolate, creamy panna cotta with seasonal berry jam. On wooden boards, hams, sausage and cheeses are a mouth-watering sight. Among the most popular dishes are the wild hare ragout, and the generous helpings of homemade pasta and risotto. The brand chef loves to share his recipes, and holds master classes for adults and children alike. The kids love them!