Orange 3

Scandinavian cuisine is currently enjoying huge popularity around the globe. Returning to one's roots and to traditional cooking is the order of the day: everything nowadays has to be seasonal and folksy. Prior to Orange 3, Finnish chef Sauli Kemppainen used to cook at Berlin's Die Quadriga, quite deservedly awarded a Michelin star.

The Moscow restaurant offers tapas reinvented, with dried ham croquettes, Pastrami, scallops with pumpkin, salmon profiteroles and other delights, as well as Skagen toast, marinated herring, 12-taste scallops (a surprise!), lamb with juniper and smoked flank steak.

The restaurant is also very particular about its cocktails. The cocktail menu includes drinks from Denmark, such as the gin-based Hans Christian Andersen, from Sweden, like the Nobel with rum and Becherovka, and from Norway, like the Bjørndalen with almond syrup and rosemary.